Information Literacy Skills




Information Literacy Skills


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Date of Submission: August 28, 2015


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Question 1

Students need to be information literate to enable them learn and gather knowledge effectively. This is because today’s education system is characterized by an information explosion over varied sources including the internet. Information literacy therefore bestows upon them, valuable skills for information, research, use and communication.

Question 2

“Just over 80% of students feel adequately or somewhat prepared to conduct research BUT ONLY 16% feel very prepared to do research.” I find this most surprising following the small number of students who are actually ready to carry out the research despite the huge percentage of the students feeling ready to do so. This probably depicts the factors that underpin research challenges faced by graduates in the workplaces. The most significant statistic is that 97% of students can define plagiarism. This means that in as much as 74% have admitted violations of the academic integrity policy at least once, they remain liable for the offense. Such violations seem to be deliberate. More strict actions can therefore be taken against such students who are aware of plagiarism, but still go against the policy.


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